Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry: Closer Allies Than You May Think

This is something that all dentists have dealt with at some point or the other: eager to get the best possible dental care, many first time patients are quick to ask our clinic staff whether they “specialize in cosmetics or repair work”.

While we are always eager to celebrate empowered patients who are willing to check everyone’s credentials (because you should!), there seems to be a general understanding that cosmetic and restorative dentistry are neatly defined specialties that oppose each other.

The truth is that, rather than seeing them as opposing professional paths, these are just two legs of the same table.

Restorative Dental Work: The Bread and Butter of Ocala Dentists

Restorative dental work is the one that aims to cure or treat diseases or injuries in the teeth, gums, or mouth. It is not actually a specialization within dentistry, as it covers much of the preventative and common fixes that dentists see on a day-to-day basis. This includes:

  • Cavity fillings
  • Bridges
  • Regular cleaning
  • Crown modeling and installation
  • Replacing teeth
  • Periodontitis procedures

Cosmetic Dental Work:  the Finishing Touches That Make a Masterpiece

Despite what the name may seem to imply, cosmetic dentistry is rarely limited to just making things look better. At its most basic, it does encompass whitening treatments ­­– but it also deals with many procedures meant to make crowns and prosthetics look more natural and feel more comfortable, such as:

  • Bonding
  • Centering
  • Veneering
  • Chip repairing

Why They Should Never Stand Alone

Nowadays, almost every industry seems to be developing multiple and new specializations – from aeronautical engineering to home remodeling, we all want to hire the guy who has done the same job a hundred times over.

However, dentistry benefits from long-standing relationships and a close rapport between patient and care provider. This is why Vipcare Dental strives to maintain the closeness gained by years of regular appointments.

Besides, it is very rare nowadays to perform any sort of restorative work (such as a new crown or a periodontitis treatment) that does not include some sort of cosmetic touch-up at the end. A dentist’s ability to handle both with ease will make all the difference between the oddly-colored implant and the neatly camouflaged repair.

Furthermore, major restorative work – such as the one you’d need after suffering a car accident – is often a serious investment that deserves to be protected. Much of what will be needed to protect your new dentures will fall under the cosmetic umbrella, such as contouring a crown to make sure it fits in better, or even providing a full maintenance course.

At VIPCare Dental, We Are “Comprehensive Specialists”

When we first started out, our dream was to become the top Ocala dental office for restorative and cosmetic services alike. However, we are not foregoing the expertise that comes with specialization. Our team of highly experienced practitioners allows us to provide all our patients with an equal amount of experience across all fields.

Naturally, relying on your usual family dentist also comes with several benefits for you:

  • Simplified logistics: From where to park to how to deal with your insurance, it pays off to go to people who know you.
  • Fewer nerves: Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for feeling nervous before a dental procedure. We know it’s hard and we know that keeping our patients comfortable is priceless.
  • Full familiarity with your personal history: If we took care of the initial bridge, then we should also be the ones to make sure it stays in top shape – and who remember where it’s located every time you come for cleaning. This has been shown to significantly improve outcomes and to shorten recovery times.
  • The opportunity for holistic care: Teeth health is often a mirror of general health. Anything from your blood sugar levels to your sleep quality may impact the state of your teeth – and we care too much to let it go unchecked.

At the end of the day, both types of dentistry are important tools when it comes to protecting your teeth – alongside preventative care and patient education. Major accidents, rare tumors, and advanced periodontitis may all require the best uber-specialized surgeon available, but as a family dental practice, we will do our best to keep your problems from ever getting that far. Contact us for an appointment so we can start improving your oral health!